Advanced Features & Api Email Checker

This is where your work speeds up a lot with advanced features. New features, api or experimental features will also be available here. If you need or have an idea for any feature then feel free to contact us. We are ready to listen to any requests from you and will do our best to do it


  • Extract email from text feature

For example:
Fugiat aliqua aliquip ad et ex deserunt commodo duis cupidatat reprehenderit nulla ipsum. Mollit labore aute tempor reprehenderit aliqua consequat exercitation sunt. Irure elit adipisicing elit nostrud tempor eu officia eiusmod. Sit incididunt aute sint ad ad veniam aute elit consequat duis tempor magna.


  • Bulk check feature

Limit checks to 50 emails per day

  • Categorization feature

Categorize the results into different lists such as: ok, verify, disposable, bad, error


We offer Api through the Rapidapi platform. Please visit here for more details on usage.